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Queen’s Grant High School envisions a future where students develop a genuine passion for learning, fostering curiosity within each individual. The school’s mission is to provide future-ready students with the necessary skills for academic success. This goal will be realized through a structured environment that promotes accountability for both academic and ethical actions. Serving as a beacon of opportunity, the school creates a supportive space where motivated students and engaged parents collaborate, forming a community committed to unlocking boundless potential.

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Queen’s Grant High School , we are embarking on an exciting journey to raise funds for the construction of a state-of-the-art gymnasium and performing arts center. This transformative initiative is born out of our commitment to provide our students with the best possible facilities for their physical and artistic pursuits. By contributing to this fundraising effort, you are not only investing in bricks and mortar but in the dreams and aspirations of our young athletes and artists. Your support will create a lasting legacy, empowering generations of students to thrive in both sports and the arts. Join us in building a vibrant future for Queen’s Grant High School, where excellence knows no bounds.

Success Stories

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Zina Abualeinan

Special Education Teacher

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I graduated from Queens Grant High School in 2016 which led me to where I am today. I then went to University of North Carolina at Charlotte for undergraduate degree in Special education and went back after a year for my master’s in applied Behavior Analysis.

Olivia Ramos

Head Stage Manager, Charlotte Ballet

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My readiness for college is something I have QG to thank for. In my home, college was always talked about, but never forced or pressured. I had the support of my parents, but no real help knowing how to take my first steps in the application process.


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