Queen’s Grant High School


Fostering Excellence in Sports and Academics

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Queen’s Grant athletes embody a unique blend of character traits, shaped by our dedicated coaches and staff. We emphasize qualities such as discipline, integrity, leadership, pride, and good sportsmanship, knowing these virtues are not only vital on the field but also essential for future success. Our athletes consistently excel in their sports and academics, as we maintain a strict code of discipline and academic standards within the Queen’s Grant Athletic Department. We believe in the power of these character traits extending beyond the field, positively influencing every aspect of an athlete’s life, especially academics. Our athletes proudly represent their school, and their leadership is a testament to our commitment to holistic development.

Austin Kegarise: Athletic Director (Queen’s Grant High School)

Office: (704) 545-0736 | Email: Coach K


Athletics Participation Forms

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The following forms are required to participate in any sporting activities at Queen’s Grant High School. Click on each of the forms below to download and print. Completed forms will need to be handed in to the Athletic Director.

Academic Requirements for eligibilty

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  • Must have missed less than 16.5 days of school in the prior academic semester.
  • Must be enrolled in QGHS to participate in athletics
  • Must take a minimum workload that semester to participate
  • Must have an up-to-date physical that is in the possession of the athletic director
  • Must be in good behavior standing with QGHS administration.

Apply for Admission to Queen’s Grant High School