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Support Services

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College and Career Counseling

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Queen’s Grant High School is committed to preparing students for their future beyond high school. Our College and Career Counseling services are designed to guide students on their path to higher education and career success. We provide personalized support, assisting students in exploring college options, preparing for standardized tests, and navigating the college application process. We also offer resources and guidance for students considering various career pathways, helping them make informed decisions about their future. Whether students aspire to attend college, enter the workforce, or pursue vocational training, our College and Career Counseling program equips them with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their goals and embark on a successful journey beyond high school.


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At Queen’s Grant High School, our dedicated teachers go the extra mile to support student success. Our educators provide tutoring services, with most teachers offering multiple tutoring sessions each week, surpassing the minimum requirement of one session.

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Exceptional Children’s Program at Queen’s Grant High School

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Queen’s Grant High School’s Exceptional Children’s Program is dedicated to providing personalized education for students with diverse needs, including intellectual, mental, physical, or social disabilities. Qualified students receive an Individualized Education Program (IEP), a customized plan addressing eligibility, accommodations, staffing, and services such as therapy and behavioral goals. Our commitment is to nurture each student’s unique potential in an inclusive and supportive environment. At Queen’s Grant, we believe every child deserves a chance to succeed, and our Exceptional Children’s Program reflects this unwavering dedication to each student’s growth and development.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

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At Queen’s Grant High School, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. We offer Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) to cater to the unique needs of our students, ensuring that each individual’s educational journey is tailored to their specific requirements and abilities.

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504 Education Plan

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At Queen’s Grant High School, we prioritize the success and well-being of every student. We offer 504 Education Plans (504s) to provide necessary accommodation and support for students with special needs, ensuring that they have the tools and assistance required to thrive in our educational community.

Attendance Policy

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At Queen’s Grant High School, regular attendance is paramount to academic success. According to our board policy, students are expected to attend school daily. High school students who exceed ten absences per class period in a quarter will receive a grade of 59 (F) until they complete attendance recovery. This policy applies to all absences, regardless of whether they are excused or unexcused. We understand that there may be circumstances requiring absence, and we encourage students to communicate with their teachers and seek support when needed.

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