Queen’s Grant High School

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

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Welcome to Queen’s Grant High School’s exceptional Fine Arts Program, where creativity, talent, and passion thrive. Our program offers an extensive range of artistic opportunities, from AP Studio Art to Band, Dance, Music Theory, Orchestra, Theater, Visual Arts, Vocal Music, and more.

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AP Studio Art

Delve into advanced studio practices, exploring your artistic potential and building a strong portfolio for college admissions.

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Join a harmonious community of musicians, whether you’re an experienced instrumentalist or looking to learn a new instrument. Our band program fosters teamwork and artistic expression.

Boy playing trombone


Express yourself through movement in our dynamic dance program. Explore various styles and develop your dance skills while cultivating self-confidence.

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Music Theory

Dive deep into the world of music theory, learning the language of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.

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Embrace the beauty of classical music and collaborate with fellow musicians in our orchestra. Perfect your skills under the guidance of talented instructors.

Girls playing flute


Step onto the stage and let your creativity shine. Our theater program encourages self- expression, teamwork, and the art of storytelling.

Girls playing air guitar

Visual Arts

Unleash your imagination through painting, drawing, and other visual arts mediums. Our program allows you to explore your artistic voice and create stunning works of art.

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Vocal Music

Join our vibrant choir to refine your vocal talents, harmonize with peers, and deliver captivating performances.

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