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About Queen’s Grant High School

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Core Value

At Queen’s Grant High School we forge a collaborative alliance with parents and the community to provide an enriching and character-driven educational experience. Through a rigorous curriculum and an environment cultivated with elevated standards, we empower students to conquer fundamental skills and unlock their utmost academic capabilities. Our dedication is to equip them not only for higher education but also for a lifelong journey of learning and growth.

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Guiding Principles

Queen’s Grant High School envisions a future where a profound love for learning thrives, nurturing the seeds of curiosity within each student. Our mission is to equip future-ready students with the tools to achieve academic excellence. This will be achieved through a disciplined atmosphere that instills accountability for actions, both academically and ethically. As a beacon of opportunity, we create a space where motivated students and engaged parents come together, fostering a community dedicated to unlocking limitless potential.

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Tracing The Legacy

A Journey Through Queens Grant High School’s History

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Inception as an Elementary-Middle School:

The origins of the Queen’s Grant experience can be traced back to August 2002 when Queen’s Grant Community School (K-8) opened its doors. Nestled in the heart of Mint Hill, North Carolina, this institution emerged as a beacon of educational choice, offering families an alternative to the larger district school systems in the region. A nurturing environment focused on academic achievement and moral character quickly proved successful. Here, the synergy between staff, educators, and parents worked harmoniously, shaping students with both intellectual prowess and personal integrity.

Paving the Way for a High School:

The echoes of parent aspirations for an extended Queen’s Grant journey resounded in December 2006 when the State expanded the charter to include grades 9 and 10. This marked the beginning of an envisioned progression, with the intent to gradually advance by one grade level each academic year until reaching grade 12.

Foundations Laid at a Temporary Site:

In August 2007, Queen’s Grant High School commenced its educational odyssey, welcoming 120 students from grades 9 and 10. Operating temporarily from rented space at Garr Christian Academy on Wallace Road in Charlotte, the school embraced its tradition of excellence. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional educators and individual student growth, the institution diligently prepared its students for both higher education and personal success.

A Vision Materialized:

August 19, 2009, marked a pivotal moment as Queen’s Grant High School embraced its new home. Welcoming nearly 425 students from 40 diverse schools, the institution embarked on a new chapter. This time, however, the doors were firmly planted on permanent soil. As the modular classrooms were pieced together to accommodate 500 students, dedicated teachers meticulously readied their lessons. On that inaugural day, Mint Hill witnessed the dawn of a permanent charter high school, standing as a formidable choice for individuals throughout the Charlotte- Mecklenburg and surrounding districts.

Evolving Excellence:

Within a mere seven years, the commitment to fostering academic achievement and ethical character, first established in the charter school, had expanded from kindergarten to the pinnacle of high school education. The aspiration now is to elevate Queen’s Grant High School to the ranks of North Carolina’s most esteemed educational institutions.