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Student Life

What It’s Like at Queen’s Grant High School

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A typical day at Queen’s Grant High School is a structured yet dynamic experience. Students arrive in the morning, eager to engage with their studies and peers. Throughout the day, they attend a variety of classes, from challenging academic courses to enriching extracurricular activities. In the classrooms, teachers provide guidance and knowledge, fostering an environment of learning and growth. During breaks, students have the chance to socialize, share ideas, and build friendships. After the final bell, some head to sports practice, music rehearsals, or club meetings, further enhancing their skills and interests. It’s a balanced day that prepares students not just academically but also socially and personally for the future.

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Clubs & Organizations



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Our athletics program at Queen’s Grant High School goes beyond the field or court. Our dedicated coaches and staff are deeply committed to nurturing our athletes with values like discipline, integrity, leadership, pride, and good sportsmanship. We understand that success in sports goes hand-in-hand with success in the classroom. That’s why we uphold a stringent code of discipline and maintain high academic standards for our athletes. Our aim is to ensure that the qualities instilled through our sports programs extend to all aspects of an athlete’s life, particularly in academics. Our athletes proudly embody leadership and take great pride in representing our school.

Fine Arts

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At Queen’s Grant High School, our Fine Arts Program isn’t just about learning techniques; it’s about fostering creativity, nurturing self-expression, and building a strong sense of community. Our dedicated instructors and passionate students consistently achieve excellence in the arts, showcasing their talents through stunning exhibitions, performances, and competitions. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, musician, or performer, Queen’s Grant’s Fine Arts Program provides the platform to explore, create, and shine. Join us on a journey where creativity knows no bounds, and artistic dreams become a vibrant reality.

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Support Services

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At Queen’s Grant High School, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically and personally. Our support services are designed to empower students on their unique educational journeys. Our College and Career Counseling program assists students in charting their post- graduation paths, while our tutoring support ensures that students receive additional help when needed. Our Exceptional Children’s program, along with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 Education Plans, offers tailored support for students with diverse learning needs. These services reflect our commitment to inclusivity and the success of every student, guiding them toward a bright future.

Events & Activities

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Queen’s Grant High School is a hub of activities and events that enrich the lives of our students. Throughout the school year, you’ll find a diverse array of clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities to suit every interest, from academic clubs to arts and sports. Our school calendar is filled with exciting events, including cultural celebrations, sports competitions, talent shows, and community service initiatives. These activities not only provide opportunities for personal growth and skill development but also foster a strong sense of community among our students. Whether it’s a spirited pep rally, an art exhibition, or a chess club competition, there’s always something happening at Queen’s Grant High School to engage, inspire, and unite our students.

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