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Year-Long Excellence:

Our Commitment to Continuous Learning

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At Queen’s Grant High School, we embrace the idea that learning is a year-round adventure. Our school year spans from August through May, allowing us to provide comprehensive and immersive educational experiences. Our commitment to year-long courses ensures that students have the time and support they need to delve deep into subjects, master critical skills, and achieve academic excellence. With a structured, continuous learning environment, students can build a strong foundation and explore subjects in greater depth. It’s a testament to our dedication to providing a robust education that prepares students for lifelong success.

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Courses at Queen’s Grant High School

( S – Standard | H – Honors | AP – Advanced Placement )


English I (S,H)

English II (S,H)

English III (S, H, AP)

English IV (S, H, AP)

Creative Writing

Film as Literature


World Language

Spanish I, II

Latin I, II

Italian I, II, III

Physical Education


Team Sports

Sports Medicine


Math 1

Math 2 (S, H)

Math 3 (S. H)

Math 4 (S, H)

Pre-Calculus (H)

AP Calculus

Social Studies

World History (S, H)

Civic Literacy (S,H)

American History (S, H, AP)

Economics & Personal Finance (S, H)

History thru Film

Military HIstory

Psychology (H)

Sociology (H)

Science (* indicates Lab Science)

Earth/Environmental* (S,H)

Biology* (S,H)

Physical Science*

Chemistry* (S, H)

Oceanography/Marine Science

Astronomy (H)

Anatomy & Physiology* (H)

Fine Arts

Art I, II, III(H), IV(H)

AP Studio Art

Chorus & Concert Chorus I, II, III(H), IV(H)

Band I, II, III (H), and IV (H)

Orchestra I, II, III (H) and IV (H)

Music Theory

Theatre Arts I, II, III (H) and IV (H)

Dance I, II, III (H) and IV (H)

Other General Electives (based on demand)

Career Prep

Culinary History

Digital Media Design

Pop Culture

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