Music Department Prepares for Spring Concert

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Article by Catherine Gillman, March 18th 2018

The QGHS Band, Orchestra, and Choir have been hard at work preparing for their Spring Concert on Friday.  Since the conclusion of winter break, music director Mr. Turner has been working with his students on several intriguing pieces. He looks forward to seeing and hearing how his musicians have progressed throughout the year.  

As for the music that will be played, many of the tunes tell compelling stories, creating a mental image for listeners. One, for example, paints the picture of a chaotic thunderstorm. Much of the music was picked by the ensemble themselves.

“My favorite song we sing is ‘Say Something,’” Ashlyn Ollenberger, an Advanced Choir student, says. “I enjoy this one the most because of how it sounds when all the different parts come together. I feel this song has the most emotion in it, and that the audience will feel it too.”   Despite being unsure at first of how well something so powerful would turn out, Ashlyn says that she now feels accomplished at how far they’ve come on the piece.  

“We have had a lot of fun during rehearsals and I want them to enjoy anything we do,” Mr. Turner says. “I think we have definitely reached that place now. We can work but have fun together and know how to balance that during class.”

Come out and support the QGHS Performing Arts on Friday, March 23rd, 6:30 p.m., at the Queen’s Grant Community School.